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ITP Clinical Audit 2022/23

Criteria for Clinical Audit Adult ITP Centre September 2022

Criteria for Clinical Audit Paediatric ITP Centre September 2022

The revised audit criteria for the re-audit of clinical centres now includes regional MDT as a desired criteria.

Previous Audits

In 2018 the ITP Centres carried out their first clinical audit to review performance. The purpose of the audit was to assess how well ITP Clinical Centres were meeting their agreed criteria, and to provide a framework in order for improvements to be made, where necessary. To coincide with this electronic audit the ITP Support Association invited all patients being seen at ITP Clinical Centres, who include some of the most complex and difficult ITP cases, to complete a survey in order to assess whether they felt that Centres were achieving their aim of providing a specialist ITP service with top quality care.

The ITP Clinical Centre Audit Report

Patient Centres Survey Results